• Muir Wood Taps Psynchronous for Treatment Center Marketing Duties

    Muir Wood Adolescent & Family Services has selected Psynchronous to handle the center's marketing. Located in Petaluma, CA, Muir Wood provides treatment for teenage boys suffering with substance abuse and mental health disorders. The agency will help Muir Wood communicate its mission and capabilities to families and professionals using a full battery of services ranging from branding to email, PR to PPC strategy. Read about our treatment center marketing.

  • Psynchronous launches 'True North' Campaign for Addiction Rehab Lakeview Health

    Psynchronous Communications just launched the 'True' North' campaign for Lakeview Health, a Florida-based drug and alcohol rehab center. The integrated online and offline campaign focuses on the many positive outcomes that are a result of recovery and in the weeks after launch lead to significant increases in census. Learn more about Lakeview Health.

  • A Mad Man's Take On Treatment Center Marketing

    "There are liars out there. And the lying liars are not only lying about their centers, they’re lying about yours too. In some cases, they are actually pretending to be your center. As you craft your brand story, you can rise above the tide of deception by committing to a truthful articulation of your treatment protocol, success rates, insurance disposition, even your location. The truth always wins." Read our article on Behavioral Health.com...

  • Psynchronous Rebrands One of the Nation’s Pre-eminent Treatment Centers for Young Men

    After comprehensively redefining the brand value and core message that sets Turning Point apart, Psynchronous created new branding, website, collateral, trade show presence, professional referent communications and more. The agency's ongoing efforts to communicate the Connecticut-based treatment center's unique practice will help more people find help for young men in need. Learn more about Turning Point here

  • Psynchronous Launches a Series of New Videos for North Bay Recovery Center

    North Bay Recovery Center is enjoying the benefit of a series of new videos produced by Psynchronous in partnership with Gravity Boston. The videos,part of a continuing effort to generate meaningful content, cover off on 3 distinct areas; an overview the center and its to treatment approach, the therapeutic benefits of gender-specific treatment, and a video tour of North Bay's treatment facility and Life Houses. Watch the videos.

  • The Primacy of Meaning: What’s Missing from the Behavioral Health Marketing Equation

    A popular fallacy is helping some marketers justify the emphasis of Promotion without Position. This false belief is that awareness = census = growth. Fortunately (or unfortunately for some) this formula doesn’t work. If it did, the treatment centers with the deepest pockets would have already won at this game and many others would have been forced out of business. But while false, this remains a powerful and tenacious idea and many still believe. Read more

  • Psynchronous' Treatment Center Marketing Practice

    Psynchronous is the only advertising firm in the U.S. with a unit focused on Treatment Center Marketing. We speak the language of addiction, we understand co-occurring disorders and the efficacy of gender-specific protocols. When treatment centers work with us they get the best of both worlds – a group of savvy marketing professionals who deeply understand their category and an agency with deep strategic, creative and technological capabilities. Read more about our Treatment Center Marketing practice.