Consumer Goods

The excitement of marketing consumer goods - products not purchased by business and industry - is hard to match. It's where the four P's collide and conspire to create a sale. Today's consumer, moreso than any time in the past, can start and complete their shopping experience from any device and through any channel, 24-7-365 - or walk right off the street and through the door. And because every purchase is a confluence of many influences, it becomes incumbent upon the agency to place themselves in the shoes of their client's prospects and be adept at effectively, and persuasively messaging at every point of contact the brand has with those prospects. While leveraging multi-channel messaging, we also must be mindful that consumers don't buy products, they buy brands. And they buy brands that they like and trust. So in addition to crafting effective messaging and promotion, we must also build brand in a compelling and consistent manner across all channels. And so, the consumer goods marketing challenge is multifaceted like none other and its one that we thrive on at Psynchronous.